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Back From Quitter Conference


Just back from Quitter Conference in Nashville. Tired. At the same time, enthused and revived. I will be taking the next couple of days to get up to speed on email, research, Google+, Facebook, etc. Bear with me.
I learned a lot from people who were gracious enough to share with me. (The best part is that most of these people don’t even realize that they taught me anything just by putting some of themselves out there and sharing.) Thanks to all of you.

Look for guest posts from me soon at: InDueSeason and


One thought on “Back From Quitter Conference

  1. Way to go out and learn, Barry.

    I just love the changes you’ve effected on your site. Things are looking better than ever.

    The moment we stop learning from those around us is the moment we lose relevance. Good on you for innovating and maintaining an open mind.

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