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Boston Alleyway

Boston AlleywayI passed through this alley to get to Quincy Market from my hotel.

I executed the photo as a pastel painting using Photoshop.

—  Image is ©Kerzner 2001, 2004, 2011  —


2 thoughts on “Boston Alleyway

  1. I remember that day. That was sweet. I was wondering why you took that shot, and then when I saw the finished product, I understood what you saw in it that I missed.
    I guess that’s the definition of an artist.

    Kind of like the red door in the patio of the espresso shop in Little Italy—another great photo op that most people pass right by.

    • Love you bro! Glad you like the piece. Hope you will “follow” the blog: I do a little bit of a whole lot on here actually. Thanks for stopping by.

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