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Jezebels Ocala Brings Clothing, Retro Chic, and “Cool” To Downtown

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Ocala, Florida is known for its scenic drives, rolling green pastures, horse farms, and laid back rural flavor. On the surface, the Town Square seems like that of any small American town; historic and harkening back to an earlier, simpler time. Some shops around the square are injecting their own character and personality into the area, becoming celebrities themselves. A premier example of this is Jezebels, on the NW corner of 1st Avenue and Fort King Street, one block south of the square proper. In fact, women come from all over Florida to shop here. What makes Jezebels so unique and deserving of such a dedicated following? Unique products, great selection, and stellar customer service. (It doesn’t hurt that the shop has a very cool vibe too!)

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From the moment you step inside it is apparent that this is not your average clothing shop. Music playing in the background is mostly oldies, and has customers and staff singing along. Everyone entering is greeted as they walk in. Owner Teresa Dunnam describes her employees as “family”, and this family dynamic is shared with the customers. Staff does not “up-sell” or push items that are obviously not flattering for the client just to make a sale. Ms. Dunnam will also help customers make better spending choices, “to buy something that you really like. Get one or two [of] something you love versus 5 or 6 something you think ‘ah, I might wear that.” Customers are treated like guests. They are not hurried. Questions are answered honestly (and tactfully).  The shop is also a place where women can come and have a relaxed conversation as they shop. The exceptional staff includes Sarah, Shannon, and Mekaella, who also functions as the shop’s webmistress. Mekaella does a weekly “Boss Lady’s Picks” video that is posted on Jezebels Facebook page. These are not only informative, but fun as well. There is even a lay away with 50% down “as good faith” (but there is NO cash refund, only store credit).


Another reason for Jezebels success is the product they carry! For starters, 60% of the clothing is made in the USA, as well as the higher end jewelry. Ms. Dunnam says “those dresses, if you dry clean them, they will last forever.” Again, quality is a huge part of Jezebels. With the exception of a few basic items (corsets, stockings, and certain other essentials), they only carry one of each size in clothing and one of each color or base metal of each piece of jewelry. This virtually ensures that what you buy will be unique to the Ocala area. Customers are definitely surprised by the reasonable prices too. Also offered are hand-made soaps and bath supplies, and Margarita Bloom skin care products (a very high quality product line). In addition, Jezebels also has an online store that interested customers can visit for items that include accessories, and shoes that you can actually have drop shipped. Something else that is available is an “In House” photo shoot. These are done on Sundays (call in advance to check availability and schedule the shoot). For $99 Mekaella will take photos and put approximately 15 images on a CD (including light touch-up), and customer retains all rights to the images. If requested, dressing room will be ready upon your arrival.

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On July 6th, Jezebels is sponsoring a free concert “Downtown on the Square” from 6 pm – 9 pm with music by the band “Old Skool.” Another upcoming event at Jezebels is filming for the movie “Mr. White” on August 19th. Once “First Fridays Art Walk” returns in September or October, you may very well see girls throughout the downtown square area dressed in Jezebels attire and accessories. Why not stop in and see what all the excitement is about?

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  1. Its great to hear about a store which offers exceptional customer service as so many shops appear not to care about their customers.

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