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Let me say thanks to all of you who have made the launch of this site a success! There are a few folks in particular who deserve special mention. Steve Urquhart gets a big “Thank You” for all the mentoring and support he has given me. Also, he has been more than generous with his time. My wife Teresa has been supportive with her time and patience, watching me walk around the house talking to myself as I write articles in my head before putting them to “paper”. Then there are my Talent Hub classmates, some of whom actually do this for a living, who have been kind enough to impart their hard-won wisdom to me as they see it has been needed: Thank You Kathy Morse, David Moore, Paula Heckathorn, Natalia Cox, and Janet Reynolds. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends Corey Philipich and Scott Fulghum for believing in me when the rest of the Starship Federation thinks I have gone off the reservation a bit.

As time goes on I will be moving content from my soon-to-be retired website & blog at to this blog. Some may have noticed that I have already begun this process. The Barry’s Art site was authored and maintained with the Apple application iWeb, which is fine in some respects, but not as robust or flexible as I now require. The site has served me well, but I have decided to move on using WordPress. So, “Please pardon the dust as we remodel.”

During the next few weeks there will be a lot of content directly relevant and useful to residents of Ocala and Central Florida in general. I am in the process of planning and arranging interviews with local businesses including eateries and points of interest. These are establishments you may have heard of but have yet to experience for yourself. By doing honest and informative profiles, I hope to inform the community about opportunities to experience the many local attractions available to them. These will NOT be fluff pieces; instead they will be an overall look at the attraction and what it can offer to its customers.

Generally, once a week, I try to post a “Thought For The Day” piece. These are posts to provoke thought or reflection on the part of the reader. These are not, nor should they be, considered as political statements. Hopefully they provide the reader an opportunity to think about and reflect upon a given topic for just a moment during the course of their busy week.

Currently I am writing for American Blues Scene, a premier online Blues magazine. In the cases where I have written an article, interview or review for them, I will post a link. I will however be posting on this site other reviews and narratives of local events attended. Some upcoming events include various festivals and summer concerts locally, as well as festivals in the fall.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their support! There is much more to come so visit often and send your friends too!


Visit Barry’s Community Facebook page at: In and Around Ocala (Art & Music)

Articles published at American Blues Scene:

“The Music Room: In Deep with Selwyn Birchwood”                 6.11.12

“The Music Room: A Visit with Sybil Gage”                              5.29.12

“Brick City Blues Fest – Helping Charity & Rockin’ The Blues”    5.23.12

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