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Do Your Part

Do Your Part

How many times have we all heard this? Now I am not a wear-your-religion-on-your-sleeves type of person. For the most part, I keep my views to myself. The bulk of my viewpoint is treating others as I want to be treated. (I try to follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid.) I do believe that if you treat others with respect, and as though they have worth and dignity, most will treat you in kind. What goes around, comes around: The universe is a great equalizer! I also believe that if you want any kind of help from anyone in any matter, you must first do your part. You should try to meet people at least halfway … it lets them know that you are serious.

Over the last few weeks I have done everything I can to improve my skills in writing, photography, blogging and everything that surrounds being able to use these skills to earn a living. I have taken classes in person and online to hone the skills I had. I have sought out the best successful people in these fields to train and work with. I have taken every opportunity that has come my way to use my skills to inform people in whatever forum(s) available. I am on time, on target and competent. I conduct my affairs such that everyone from friends and family to potential clients see I can be counted on and my word is good.

Doing my part is paying off. I am meeting and talking with some pretty incredible individuals I would have never met before (probably because I wasn’t ready for them yet or they weren’t ready for me). I have been involved with projects that I would have never had access to before, which in turn provides venues where I am applying my skills and abilities. My work is being seen in new venues, some of which are top-tier.

These things are happening only because I am doing my part. That’s what it is all about; doing your part and doing the work. Sometimes it takes a while to bare fruit, but it is always worth it.