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Tweed Funk – “Bringin’ It”

Tweed Funk Brings It With Modern “Old School” Soul and Funk

Tweed Funk - Bringin' It

By Barry Kerzner

    I was beginning to think Memphis Soul and Funk were becoming extinct. Then, I find this CD and wow … my faith has been restored. Currently based in Milwaukee, WI, this four member dynamo has been building a dedicated following.

Tweed Funk is:

Smokey – Vocals

JD Optekar – Guitar/Vocals

Donnie Mac – Bass/Keys/Vocals

Marcus “MG” Gibbons – Drums

    There is SO much to enjoy on this outing. As you listen you can hear echoes of the old masters: Sweet funky biting rhythm and lead guitar, thumping melodic bass lines, and some excellent drumming and keyboards.

    The best way I would explain this album to a fellow music lover is BUY IT. “B-Funk” is reminiscent of Parliament at its’ outlandish best. “Brainfreeze” will evoke hints of Funkadelic in all their sonic splendor. “Testify” will remind you of Jeff Beck (in his “Blow By Blow” period) jamming with George Clinton. “My Baby’s Alright” has some wonderful Freddie King style licks and a great kicking base line that will bring  Bootsy Collins’ great runs to mind. The band does a very spirited rendering of “Thank You (Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”. “Salsa Blues’ features some nice, slow guitar licks in the tradition of Melvin Taylor and excellent keyboard work by Donnie Mack. The closer, “Black Coffee” is some Texas style blues, infused with a great Memphis funk; really sweet!

    I highly recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys great guitar, bass and a funky, bluesy groove.

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(Originally published Friday, January 20, 2012)